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Health & Well-being Coaching
Nutrition Counseling

Explore, navigate, & achieve your health & well-being goals!

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Integrative health coaching sessions will help you explore & navigate achieving your health & well-being goals in a variety of core areas: 

  • Vision & values: identify what you value & envision for your life

  • Nutrition: work towards eating a healthier & more balanced diet

  • Physical activity & fitness: modify exercise habits

  • Sleep & rest: improve sleep & sleep hygiene 

  • Mental & emotional well-being: explore stress management skills

  • Fulfillment & purpose: find your passion, pursue important goals, live a life of authentic happiness  

  • Spirituality: explore meaningful connection in something bigger than yourself: beliefs, rituals, values, fellowship, etc. 

  • Personal & professional development: work towards your personal & professional goals 

  • Mindful awareness: improve your ability to actively & openly observe moment-by-moment physical, mental, & emotional experiences 

  • Mind-body connection: gain insight on how physical & emotional health are intimately intertwined, & explore practices to strengthen mind-body connections to optimize stress reduction & physical health

  • Community/relationships: build or improve community & relationships that are meaningful  

  • Physical environment: address concerns related to living, learning, working, & other environmental factors that may be affecting your health & wellbeing

  • Other: receive support with smoking cessation

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